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A partnership with Venture Leadership Collective means you’re ready to step out, push forward, and venture up! Here’s how we can help:

It has been exciting to watch VLC grow over the years and partner with them to build capacity and strategic-acumen with our grantees, while on a mission to eliminate poverty in the Bay Area.
- Sam Cobbs, Tipping Point Community Meet Our Clients
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Venture Leader Academy & Fellowship

Become an Executive Change Champion!

Venture Leader Academy (VLA) creates Executive Change Champions by developing nonprofit professionals’ knowledge, skills, and overall ability to advance their missions. By focusing on the “micro” – the personal development of all students – and the “macro” –the development of skills in all nonprofit domains – the Academy serves as a pathway for organizations to realize effective and diverse change champions. VLA is offered as a 3-month virtual course with 16 asynchronous video lessons, 6 live sessions, life-long access to sector resources, and 1-1 coaching.

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Venture Leader Academy & Fellowship