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Developing an intentional and impact-oriented partnership with your organization.
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Impact Strategy

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Solving social issues at scale requires a clear understanding of accountable impact and the operations needed to effectively and reliably achieve the intended impact efficiently. Thus, central to our Impact Strategy is not only driving social change at the nonprofit organizational level, but also at the sector level in how we codify and amplify our learnings from our client work to ultimately equip our country to solve the crises of our time.

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We recognize the change you facilitate in the communities you serve, and support your journey towards building capacity for greater impact.

We are a group of strategic-minded practitioners and deep thinkers. We love connecting vision and mission with operational clarity and intentionality. We will join you in thinking through the complex systems hindering your organizational desires for greater impact, and work together towards building a more operationally efficient institution. Through our various offerings, we offer a partnership that is invested in your organization and that works together to create new models, implement targeted programs, and handle existing workload. Together we will make an impact, deliver new skills, and move forward.

We partnered with VLC on our Impact Strategy Articulation and new Strategic Plan. Their support was vital as we considered our future, built on our strengths and clarified our North Star. VLC helped us identify gaps in internal resources and infrastructure and create plans to alleviate them. All of this will benefit us in the future – both as an organizational entity and as a direct service provider for students and families.
- Malissa Martin, SparkWheel (formerly CIS-Mid America) Meet Our Clients
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Who will you work with?

Venture Leadership Consultants, or Venture Leaders, work with your organization to achieve and exceed your goals in various capacities. By centering language, thinking, and action around measurable impact, and targeting operational efficiency in our offerings, Venture Leaders move your organization forward. Each Venture Leader is vetted for expertise in five characteristics that will complement your team and enhance your organization’s capabilities. In short, a Venture Leader LEADS:


Leadership & Universal Expertise

Each Venture Leader has years of executive leadership experience in the nonprofit field and demonstrates a strong understanding in each of the main domains of a nonprofit (Talent, Board Oversight, Data & Evaluation, Finance, and Development). These seasoned executives seamlessly plug in at any level of leadership and domain.


Emotionally Intelligent

Emotional resistance to change is one of the highest barriers to implementing new programs and models within an organization. A Venture Leader has the emotional intelligence to read an organization, understand the macro- and micro-dynamics at play, and develop thoughtful strategies for managing emotional resistance.



A Venture Leader is a project manager as well as an executive. Each Venture Leader has a proven track record of setting goals then establishing milestones and checkpoints on the way to achieving them.


Dynamic & Data-Driven

A Venture Leader knows how to implement data-driven programming. Donors, stakeholders, and system partners are increasingly demanding quantifiable results backed by concrete data. Each Venture Leader has experience designing and guiding teams through high-quality impact models.


Strategic & Immersive

A Venture Leader knows how to enhance nonprofit organizations without taking the focus away from their leadership. Leading by example and guiding from behind the scenes, Venture Leaders maintain concurrent lines of sight to both short and long term gains.

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As experienced nonprofit executives, we understand the context of your work, and true to our vision, we get into the trenches alongside you.

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Our Team

Our Venture Leader Collective team is comprised of full time employees and contracted Venture Leaders who are geographically dispersed across the nation.

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