Jane Fischberg

Venture Leader

Jane is a longtime social sector leader with a deep commitment to dismantling systems perpetuating poverty. From 2009-2020 she served as the President and CEO of Rubicon Programs. Under her leadership, Rubicon evolved into a high performing organization well regarded for its whole-person approach, recognized for its establishment of an unequivocal antiracism stance, and having a strong financial position. Jane led the organization through several major changes including development of its first theory of change, sharpening its focus on ending poverty, and undertaking the work to dismantle the characteristics of white supremacy.

After she Rubicon undertook the process of developing the preconditions for BIPOC leadership success, Jane stepped out of her role to create space for someone further along the continuum of lived experience of the people Rubicon was serving. After a transitional role as Senior Advisor, she turned to doing equity focused leadership coaching, especially with white-identifying CEOs who are striving to create an environment and practices to advance BIPOC leadership in their organizations and are eager to delve into how their own leadership can best advance these efforts. More information about her consulting is at feedtwobirds.net.

Jane received a BA from Williams College and an MPA from San Francisco State University, with additional training at Stanford Business School and at Harvard Business School’s Strategic Perspectives in Nonprofit Leadership.

In addition to being passionate about serving on the Board of Directors of Rising Sun Center for Opportunity, Jane enjoys exploring the East Bay's hiking paths and staircases, practicing yoga, cooking and eating good vegetarian food and spending time with beloved friends and family. She lives in the East Bay, is kept in line by her two high maintenance cats, and is proud of her adult son who never fails to make her laugh.